Female farmer increased income through vegetable farming

Female farmer increased income through vegetable farming

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Prepared By: Laxmi Bhakta Joshi

My name is Yosada Devi kunwar aged 40 years old. I live in Bannigadhi Rural municipality ward 2 janalikot Achham. I stay with seven family member into home. I have also 3 sons, 2 daughters, one mother in law and our couple. Our family is depending in the agriculture farming. My families also stay under the poverty line.

I am involving in the chandika farmer group at Janalikot achmma since last three years. Maliak Bikas sangh Achham was support to us for formation the farmer group in our settlement.  We are not aware about the group effort to skilled and vegetable farming then earned a lot of money and healthy vegetable as well as food. Also lack of skill and knowledge about vegetable farming either saving or loan into cooperative. We also used the traditional approaches in the vegetable farming and only farming for the family food.

MDO Nepal has been technically support to chandika farmer group for production of vegetable farming through enhances capacity and used technology. Malika also skilled to us through demo about the drip irrigation, poly house, seed plantation into poly house and paste side management. Also share the importance of saving into cooperative.

Now a day, I am doinging in vegetable farming into one ropani land at janalikot also involving in chandika farmer group. Our most of the group member are doing vegetable (tomato, potato, cauli flower, flower and others farming in the settlement through poly house and increased production.  Through the vegetable farming, i have earned around 40 thousand rupees annually and some vegetable are used in the kitchen for improve the nutrition status of family member around 30 thousand. I am also member in the janalikot mahila multipurpose cooperative and saving 100 nrs monthly. Vegetable farming is most supporting parts to my family for the income source and expenses toward my children in schooling.

I would like share thanks to MDO Nepal whose technically support to me my group in the areas of vegetable farming with used the modern technology. I also urge to Malika NGO for continue support to farmer again.