Interest rate is decreasing after operation GGS

Interest rate is decreasing after operation GGS

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            Prepared by: Name: Gopi Singh Nepali Designation: Social Development Officer 

Date: 2078/04/11( 20 17 July 2021)

1) Background:

Kailashower Farmer group lies at Mangalsen Municipality ward no 14 Kaalagaun . It's composed by 30 members. In order to implement project activities, PARIWARTAN Project   was selected a group for operation GGS and gave the name of CSO. 30 CSO members actively participated in GGS and facilitated them about on federal structures, Nepal's constitution, function of LGs and people-led planning process accordingly.  This group is collecting 100 Rupees for their     savings from each member on monthly basis.  So far, a total of Rs 70,000 thousand has been deposited. Out of them some amount has to investment to their members by taking 24% interest from them.  Mostly, there are other saving groups are also following this practice as well as in Achham district.

2)Project intervention:-

Through the PARIWARTAN Project MDO- Nepal Reformed CSO and facilitated them on federal structures, Functions of LGs and people- led planning process in GGS session. Except that, MDO-Nepal has been increased their capacity by organized various training and workshop accordingly. To bring the change MDO-Nepal was held experience sharing meeting and asked the saving of Groups and its investment. All groups shared their saving and interest rate while investment to group members. This matter made discussion among the participants. MDO Social development Officer Mr. Gopi Singh Nepali   raised the question among the participants about the high interest. Discussion brought common conclusion and they agreed that it would help to increase poverty.  Recently Group Secretary Mrs. Lalita Bohara did commitment to decrease the interest rate by calling group meeting in forthcoming days with coordination of chairperson and other members.

3) Result:  

In 2nd action year experience sharing meeting among the CSO was held in ward no 12 & 14 jointly.  In order to implement 3rd action year's project activities and held the meeting in same place, all six CSO members each from five took part in meeting.  Alternately all CSOs presented their experience, challenges and good practices accordingly. Fortunately, Kailasheswor Farmer Group declared that they have decreased the interest rate from 24% to 12 %.  Other innovation group is keeping NPR 10,000 thousand rupees for emergency use despite total investment. Mrs Lalita Bohara Said that experience sharing meeting opened our eyes where our group supporting reduces poverty. In the meeting other groups also committed to apply this practice in forthcoming days. Participants understood that saving is not only for investment it a medium of reduce poverty as well as.


Prior to this almost saving Groups have been charging high interest. No one has analysed the effect of high interest in group. Causes of high interest the poor are getting poorer and elites are utilizing the resource.  This practice will reflect in other group in near future saving will make poor friendly.