Relief assistance and community conditions

Relief assistance and community conditions

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Prepared By: Gopi Singh Nepali, SDO PARIWARTAN Project

1. Background

BHADRA KATHAYAT is 35 years old and her family size includes 6 members 2 son 2 daughter and husband. Her house is located at near the market side of PANCHADEWAL l BINAYAK Municipality ward no 3 Achham. Her husband is currently living in India for work. Due to the causes of lockdown she is unable to getting money from India that her husband has been earned.  The lack of insufficient land, she is facing difficulties in gaining her daily livelihood until 2 months and remaining days are gaining by doing daily wages. To supplement family needs her husband went India for changing their lifestyle so far. By the impact of CORONA virus her ways of income has been stopped, food item are not lent in the market. Mostly daily wages laborers are highly affected by the impact of COVID-19. Most have been stopped working together due to the fear of CORONA and environment has been created to work in isolation. Particularly unorganized workers have been affected by this pandemic. 

Process: By the financial support of DCA and coordination of MDO- Nepal DERF project was designed in support for unorganized laborers, poor and marginalized persons at four MDO working areas namely Panchadewl Binayak municipality Mangalsen Municipality, Chaurpati and Bannigadhi Jayagadh RM. Bhadra is also among the beneficiary of the project. She is a chairperson of LAXMI Mother Group. She has got relief package included rice, oil, sugarcane, Pulse, tea packet, antiseptic soap, and hygiene materials along with sanitizer, soap, mask, and thermometer by the staffs from MDO- Nepal. To reach in this stage MDO- Nepal has dispatched the letter to the municipality for selection the persons who really affected in gaining their daily livelihood. When we received their Recommendation list towards the municipalities,  MDO- Nepal has begun to distribute food and hygiene materials by using procurement process. Staffs from MDO- Nepal were supported by lobbying in beneficiary's selection process of Palias. MDO staffs delivered the messages at community level who are the persons has selected from RM/MC then to real beneficiaries were benefited. Materials were distributed by keeping physical distance and done sensitization about the use of hygiene materials accordingly. In promotion good governance total amount of each beneficiary's has announced at that distribution location

Result: After obtained the relief materials it made her easy to gain their livelihood some extent. Now her families are being using hand washing habits, using mask and sanitizer while moving here and there. While distributing the materials she knew about the expansion of corona virus, its symptoms and remedies to safe from infection.  Beyond that she also shared in her group and makes awareness about using mask while moving out of home, hand washing and taught to maintain 2 meter physical distance from each other's. Better selection process of MDO -Nepal which made her selection. All beneficiaries praised the quality of relief package and thanks to MDO- and DCA Nepal.  In order to implement COVID response, selection process support in reached among real beneficiaries.   

In the present condition of communities, daily wages laborers are highly affected. Mostly women are facing stress to gaining daily livelihood; migrant returnees are entering from India. It is high potential risk to expansion COVID infection rate, schools are turn out quarantine. Terror of CORONA is everywhere.