Using community score cards to improve quality of education

Using community score cards to improve quality of education

23 June, 2019 - 23 June, 2019


07:48 PM - 07:48 PM

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ToT on TOT on Engaging citizen in governance and accountability process: Using community score cards to improve quality of education was organized by CECI at Dadeldhura and based upon the learning the same training was conducted for selected CSOs from 22th July to 23th July 2019 in Budhiganga hotel Sanfebagar Achham. Training was organized with the objective of local government, School management committee and CSOs member will be able to discuss about using community score cards to improve quality of education. Total of 8 school management committee and 15 CSOs representative from Sanfebagar municipality and Bannigadi Jayagdh rural municipality had participated in the training program. The status of satisfaction of all participants in the training was 3 or more in scale of 1-5. The Training was facilitated by SUSASAN team and Mr. Nar Bahadur Karki Education Focal person of Sanfebagar Municipality. There was active participation of school management committee member and CSOs members in training practice, presentation, discussion method were implied for training.

Ward level trickled down planning in the community has been created as from August 2019, ward level planning will be in implementation. For this discussion will be done among local level representatives of Sanfebagar Municipality and Bannigadi Jayagadh RM. Locally minimum 2 and maximum 4 community school will be selected from above mentioned areas in which community score card will be conducted to  increase the Education quality. According to the participants in the CSC training they said that CSC is very important and it will plays crucial role in improving the educational quality of community school as its totally new practice and through which actual problems will be identified and discussed with teachers, School Management Board, Students and parents for quality education.