Multi Stakeholders Forestry Program (MSFP)

Multi Stakeholders Forestry Program (MSFP)

01 Sep, 2013 - 31 Jul, 2016

Achham , Dhakari Rural Municipality

Objectives of Project:

Maximize the contribution of Nepal's Forestry Sector to inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction and tackling climate change adaptation programme.

Major interventions:

Social mobilization, Community forest management, Capacity building of forest groups, CBOs, livelihood development, bedding, LAPA preparation and plantation, Entrepreneurship development.

Recent Project Location: Nada, Turmakhad, Ghodasain, Dhungachalna, Dhakari, Hichma, Basti, kuika VDCs and Mangalsen municipality ward no. 1,2,6, and 7  Achham district.